I’m baaaaack! Let’s get talking about living well with PTSD when starting your new job!

PTSD or CPTSD, it’s going to be the same for all us SURVIVORS. When you finally find a new job to give a part of your wonderful self to it’s going to be very hard not to overcompensate for the existence of the not-so-wonderful elements of your ‘Self’. Putting yourself into the highest gear you can physically tolerate to drive in the opposite direction of living with your PTSD will only cause your nervous system to splutter and come to a stop.

Recognising sexual identity conflicts post child sexual abuse in an high-functioning autistic brain

I exist as a sort of super-human woman who has both male and female strength of mind, body and presentation. My vulnerability is not the normal cliché of female inability. My vulnerabilities have been human-made through my life experiences.